The Dutchman (The Dutchman Chronicles, #1)

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The Official Ghostbuster Guidebook. Double Take Productions, Mesa, Arizona, Harding, Albert. Dutchman's Gold. Almar House, Sun City, Arizona, Hayes, William D. Indian Tales of the Desert People. David McKay Co. Holder, Ralph. Mystic Memories of the Superstition Mountains. Apache Junction, Arizona, Higham, Charles F. Jennings, Gary.

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Mavern Company, Stockton, California, Lee, Robert E. Dick Martin Co. Lively, Irvin. Helm Publishers, Phoenix, Arizona Fingers of Fire. The Mystic Mountains. Logan, Jake. Slocum and The Lost Dutchman Mine. Lovelace, Leland. Lost Mines and Hidden Treasures. Marlowe, Travis. Superstition Treasures. Tyler Printing Company, Phoenix, Arizona, Morrow, Albert Erland.

Munch, Theodore W. Thunder on Forbidden Mountain. The Westminister Press, Philadelphia, Pa. Nathan, Robert. The Mallot Diaries.

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Henry III. The Missing Link. Norseman Publications, P. Printing, Apache Junction, AZ. The Superstition Wilderness Guidebook. Lebeau Printing, Phoenix, Arizona, Sheridan, Michael F. Impression Printers, Tempe, Arizona, Sikorsky, Robert.

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Fool's Gold. Golden West Publishers, Phoenix, Arizona, Golden West Publishers, Phoenix, Arizona, , Squire, Mark E. The Dutchman. Smith, Bobbie. Arizona Temptress. Kensington Publishing Co. Storm, Barry. On the Trail of the Lost Dutchman. Goldwaters, Phoenix, Arizona, Gold of the Superstitions.

The Southwestern Press. Arizona's Lost Gold. Mollet-Storm Publishers, Quincy, Ill. Sunagel, Lois A. The Shadow of the Needle. Colonial Press, Clinton, Mass. Swanson, James and Kollenborn, Thomas J. Arrowhead Press, Phoenix, Arizona, , , , Circlestone: A Superstition Mountain Mystery. Webcrafters, Mesa, Arizona, The History of Apache Junction.

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Goldfield Press, Apache Junction, Arizona, Wagoner, Merry. Treasure Tales Across the Counter. Ward, Robert L. Ripples of Lost Echo's. The Riddle of the Lost Dutchman Mine. Lofgreen Printing, Mesa, Arizona, Wilburn, John D. Superstition Gold Mines and the Lost Dutchman.


Dutchman's Lost Ledge of Gold. Publication Press, Mesa, Arizona, Author unknown. Department of Agriculture, Tonto National Forest, HappyTrails55 likes this. This website presents a descriptive annotated bibliography of books and pamphlets written about the legend of the Lost Dutchman Mine, Superstition Mountain, Jacob Waltz and other related topics. If you are looking for a discussion of these topics and not the literature start with one of the sties listed just below.

Otherwise, to get started see the Introduction , or start with Core Works this page. The most recent additions are February 23, : - Joe Berardi. Crescent Moon over Flatiron. Legend of the Superstition Gold. One hundred times up Superstitoin Moutnain. Reading Peralta Maps. Lust for Dutchman's Gold. Lost Dutchman Gold Mine. Dutchman and the Devil. Lost Treasures of the Superstitions.

Arthur Eagen. An Adventure in the Superstitions. Hunting Old Snowbeard's Gold. Dreams of Lost Gold. Hijack Over Weaver's Needle. The Ghost of the Lost Dutchman's Mine. Desert Magick: Superstitions. Yet the evil priest Taranis, the dark architect of destiny, has returned from the dead. Ravana and her friends find themselves on an incredible planet-hopping voyage into the shady dystopian world of politics, terrible music and rebellion!

See WyrdStar page for more details. But when his latest repo goes terribly wrong, Grimm finds himself caught between the bank that hired him, the delinquent who tried to kill him, and an ex-lover who may want to help him The powers that be took charge as soon as she got back to Earth, with only a select few permitted to learn about the beings she encountered during the run from Gliese, or the eggs they entrusted to her care.

But when the authorities renege on their assurances, she faces a difficult choice: keep the life and career she loves or embark on a quest to rescue the eggs and keep the promise she made to their dying parents, out in the depths of space. A quest that plunges her into a shadow war against a planetary government that will stop at nothing to keep its secrets.

What does this maverick commander have to do to impress the RAN high command? To get the Freiburg Empire to declare her a threat? And at what cost to herself? Auberon , the first novel in The Chronicles of Jessica Keller , combines adventuring to distant stars with seat-of-the-pants excitement. A fascinating expansion to the Alexandria Station universe. Apprentice Alchemist Wyot is an astrologer of the third rank.

He dreams of becoming an astromancer, one of the elite few who move starships between the known planets, but knows he lacks the innate magical talent required to fulfill his lofty ambition. When the Thrice Great commands his presence, Wyot has no idea what to expect from the leader of the legendary Emerald Enclave. No excuses left.

Somebody created Alan, an eight-year-old boy in an adult body, and she needs to hunt them down and stop them. But can she destroy the facility and rescue the other created children? Or will she need to choose? Continuing the fast-paced adventure of The Long Way Home , the second book of the Sequoyah trilogy adds more mysteries and reveals others in a trademark style. English lawn, holly tNatlste.

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The Dutchman (The Dutchman Chronicles, #1) The Dutchman (The Dutchman Chronicles, #1)
The Dutchman (The Dutchman Chronicles, #1) The Dutchman (The Dutchman Chronicles, #1)
The Dutchman (The Dutchman Chronicles, #1) The Dutchman (The Dutchman Chronicles, #1)
The Dutchman (The Dutchman Chronicles, #1) The Dutchman (The Dutchman Chronicles, #1)
The Dutchman (The Dutchman Chronicles, #1) The Dutchman (The Dutchman Chronicles, #1)
The Dutchman (The Dutchman Chronicles, #1) The Dutchman (The Dutchman Chronicles, #1)
The Dutchman (The Dutchman Chronicles, #1) The Dutchman (The Dutchman Chronicles, #1)

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