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One Day in Yellowstone National Park

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It is possible to stay pass sunrise and check out some of these awesome geysers. In the 19th century, the rumbles from the Mud Volcano could be heard from over half a mile away. When it erupted, it shook the ground and splattered mud all over the surrounding area. Luckily today, the volcanos activity is a lot calmer and the eruption left some extremely interesting spots to explore along the trail.

The Best of Yellowstone: A 3 Day Itinerary - Explore Now Or Never

Just a little heads up the smell of sulphur is rather strong along this trail. The scenic drive typically takes 20 minutes. The viewpoint is outstandingly beautiful. This an extremely popular spot in Yellowstone and can at times be quite crowed. The view is however worth the crowed battle. Once done exploring the startling viewpoint, have a look out for a small wooden Ribbon Lake Sign. Pass the sign a trail map will appear showing some further walking options. If time allows, walk about 10 minutes up the Point Sublime Trail.

The trails brings walkers through a uphill forest area.

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Not long into the trail, there is a stunning view of the Canyon. This particular trail is also a lot less popular, a great way to avoid the crowds and gear a little off the beaten path. Once reaching the viewpoint, it is possible to turn back around and return to the carpark. The view is located a 40 minute drive away from Artist Point and offers a beautiful view of Yellowstone River. The viewpoint is far less crowed and is a nice place stop to stretch the legs and admire the view.

Following some yummy lunch, the next stop on the itinerary is Mammoth Hot Springs. The springs are a 40 minutes drive from Calcite Springs Lookout Point. I highly recommend visiting Mammoth Hots Springs as the are unbelievably unique to Yellowstone. I have never seen anything like them. The area has two designated boardwalks, the lower and upper. The boardwalks offer views of over 50 hot springs. The following time frame is simply a guide, as the time of sunrise varies from month to month. The time frame between stops also takes into consideration travel duration between stops. Just be mindful that not all roads and facilities are open at this time.

For more information check out the Yellowstone in Winter page.

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Making it easy to add or take off clothes when needed. Yellowstone is the home to many grizzly and black bears. Therefore it is extremely important to store any food or personal items that smell in bear proof storage units. DO NOT! Leave food or smelling items in your tent.

WATCH: Bison charges 9-year-old girl at Yellowstone National Park

Unless you are hoping to get up close and personal with Yogi in real life. Bear Spray: Another way to avoid an encounter with Yogi, is bringing along some bear spray. Be Bear Aware! I suggest bringing bug spray to avoid an itchy situation. The time frame between each stop on this itinerary may seem a little far fetched for those who have never visited Yellowstone before.

Causing massive traffic jam.

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If this happens on your visit. Just take your time. It is all part of the experience. We where easily held up for 30 minutes waiting for the herd to pass. It was however super cool to watch.

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There was easily 15 to 20 Bison. Yellowstone is connected via two loops, all the stops on this itinerary are located on these loops or within proximity of one of the loops. Are you wondering what to see in Yellowstone in just 1 day? Yellowstone is a wonderful place, a place where it is simply not possible to explore in just one day. However, with that being said, if you have the opportunity to stop by Yellowstone, even just for 24 hours.

I have put together a bonus timetable for those a little stuck for time. Please be mindful, that this timetable will only allow quick stop offs in each location and further exploration may not be possible. It is also a very heavy itinerary, with a lot of driving, so be sure to get plenty of rest before attempting. Disclaimer: I personally did not travel this route.

It is just a suggested timetable. At times, the roads can get congested at Yellowstone due to wildlife and may cause a delay in schedule, resulting in missing some stops. Those on a road trip of the state of Wyoming. You are currently viewing this article as a guest. If you are a subscriber, please sign in. Sign in here.

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Old Yellowstone Days Old Yellowstone Days
Old Yellowstone Days Old Yellowstone Days
Old Yellowstone Days Old Yellowstone Days
Old Yellowstone Days Old Yellowstone Days
Old Yellowstone Days Old Yellowstone Days
Old Yellowstone Days Old Yellowstone Days

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