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To the west is the city of El Segundo and the Los Angeles neighborhood of Westchester is to the northwest of Hawthorne. The unincorporated community of Del Aire is surrounded on three sides by the city of Hawthorne along western edge of Hawthorne. Hawthorne comprises ZIP codes and It is in the area code , except for a small portion of northeastern Hawthorne, which is located in the area code.

Hawthorne, like the rest of the Los Angeles basin, is well known for its year-round Mediterranean climate:. The Los Angeles area is also subject to the phenomena typical of a microclimate. California has also a weather phenomenon called " June Gloom or May Grey", which sometimes brings overcast or foggy skies in the morning at the coast, but usually gives way to sunny skies by noon, during late spring and early summer. On November 6, the first ever documented tornado touched down within city limits. It caused significant damage, ran for about one-half mile, from nd St.

Snowfall is extremely rare but not impossible in the city basin. The United States Census [17] reported that Hawthorne had a population of 84, The population density was 13, The racial makeup of Hawthorne was 27, Hispanic or Latino of any race were 44, persons The Census reported that 83, people There were 28, households, out of which 12, There were 2, 8.

Of the households, 7, The average household size was 2. There were 19, families The population was spread out with 23, people The median age was For every females, there were For every females age 18 and over, there were There were 29, housing units at an average density of 4, The homeowner vacancy rate was 1. As of the census [18] of , there were 84, people, 28, households, and 19, families residing in the city. The racial makeup of the city was There were 28, households, out of which Of all households In the city, the population was spread out, with The median age was 29 years.

About Hawthorne has an elected city council composed of a mayor elected every four years and four city council members elected on staggering four year terms. According to the city's most recent [ when? Hawthorne is served by multiple school districts. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. City in California, United States.

City Council. This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Greater Los Angeles portal.

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Archived from the original Word on October 17, Retrieved August 25, City of Hawthorne. Retrieved June 10, Gazetteer Files". Artists tell us about themselves and about their artworks. Please inquire via email at contact urbanartretreat. This piece is in the group show. It is by Judy Polstra.

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Meet and discuss the possibilities for the area around the Kedzie pink line stop. There is nothing there right now. How about bringing entrepreneurs to the area? What if we build a resource center building on the N. It is ugly and empty right now. What if there were informational kiosks, flower beds, flags waving in the breeze, and things to do in this area? What if the building had storefronts with a gallery, cafe, youth program, florist shop, thrift store, community meeting space on the 1st floor?

Picture volunteers working in pairs at the CTA stop, welcoming passengers with brochures about things to do in the area of both communities! Now imagine that you are taking part in it's early development???!! Please consider attending a discussion on how we can help North Lawndale become greater and happier by changing this portal to North Lawndale for the better. Urban Art Retreat S. Spaulding at 21st. Would you like to be a part of developing this area? We need folks to volunteer to check out zoning, figure out costs, and find a person to draw the outside and inside plans for the building!

We also need people to create a wonderful brochure about this project! In addition, we need people to visit residents door-to-door to survey their opinions.


Email for an invitation to attend a general orientation and a discussion about this project. We are scheduling a meeting about the pink line development project on Sept. Please try to attend general orientation before then. Desmond's Law is an important piece of animal welfare legislation that was passed in Connecticut. It is named after a dog that was starved, beaten, and strangled to death. Even though the man who committed this atrocious cruelty admitted to wrongdoing and the prosecutor recommended prison time, he was able to have the charges dismissed and his record wiped clean by participating in an accelerated rehabilitation program.

This case shows why we need stronger legal protections for animals throughout the US. Let's work together to get Desmond's Law in Illinois. Currently, Representative Allen Skillicorn has drafted and presented this as a bill in Illinois. House Bill was presented at the last legislative session and died.

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  • We need to be prepared when the bill is introduced again in the next legislative session. Here are some action tasks you can do: 1. Identify your local representative. Write to your representative and request that the representative introduce this bill. Ask the representative to connect you with other legislators who are interested in animal welfare issues.

    Stolen Child

    No experience needed. Sessions will be from p. The dates will be Saturdays June 1,15, 29, and July 13, Spaulding Ave. Chicago, Illinois This law would allow dogs and cats to have legal representation in courts in cases of animal cruelty involving these animals. People interested in helping can get in touch with one of the members of this group at melaniebrownj gmail.

    PDF Chicagos Little Village: Lawndale-Crawford (Images of America)

    Vegetable Plots for families. Help to create a Peace Park at - S. Encourage neighbors to eat healthy. Show youth where veggies come from. We have 4 plots left. All volunteer project. Support small business and shop for unique gifts in our art studio. Visit us between on Saturdays!

    Youth Art Festival. Games, music, snacks, fun! FREE art supplies for all children attending! Youth who paint black hero portraits on the spot that day compete to win cash prizes! Mister Deboo is one of three dogs at Urban Art Retreat who have been rescued. The little dog looking up to him in the photo is name Glennie. She was left tied up in a yard and rescued from there.

    A brown dog named WayneWayne was rescued from a puppy mill after 4 years, still has some psychological issues. Mister Deboo will become an ambassador for the dogmeat trade issue. Urban Art Retreat also provides opportunities for kids to learn how to approach a dog safely, and how t o be kind to animals with dogs who live at Urban Art Retreat. Mister Deboo has already had some interactions with children that were very positive.

    Off-Duty Cop, Woman Killed In Lawndale Crash

    If you would like to support our animals please learn how by contacting us. We can use donations for vet care and food, plus- volunteers to help care for the dogs walking Mister Deboo and playing with and socializing the dogs. We need periodic help with dog sitting for 2 or so hours at a time plus, transportation to vet appts.

    Lawndale, California (Images of America Series)

    We have an animal welfare program to bring awareness to the plight of animals, and bring activism on the issues. We meet monthly. We provide housing and supportive services for homeless youth to help them become self-sufficient and confident. Children receive educational experiences that are developmentally, culturally, and linguistically appropriate. We have served military veterans and families since WW1, and will continue as long as there is a veteran in need. We help people of all ages increase the rate at which they become self-sufficient members of the community.

    We offer diverse services for people in recovery and those coming out of the criminal justice system. Victims Assistance Sanctuary.

    Lawndale (Images of America) Lawndale (Images of America)
    Lawndale (Images of America) Lawndale (Images of America)
    Lawndale (Images of America) Lawndale (Images of America)
    Lawndale (Images of America) Lawndale (Images of America)
    Lawndale (Images of America) Lawndale (Images of America)
    Lawndale (Images of America) Lawndale (Images of America)
    Lawndale (Images of America) Lawndale (Images of America)
    Lawndale (Images of America) Lawndale (Images of America)

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