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When Ida B. Wells Took on Lynching, Threats Forced Her to Leave Memphis - HISTORY

But names do matter. The names chosen for buildings and institutions send a message about values and history and leave a lasting legacy for future generations. This is a lesson being taught at the University of Mississippi, better known as Ole Miss, where the name of their journalism school is currently surrounded by controversy.

In September of this year, Meek shared a Facebook post that some found to have racist overtones.

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Since then, several members of the faculty, staff and students called for the removal of his name from the school and various other demands to create a more racially tolerant atmosphere on campus. The problem with having spaces or institutions named after those who donate large amounts of funds is that it leaves out people who do not have the same financial resources, yet made enormous contributions of talent to the field.

Like my great-grandmother, Ida B. She died 87 years ago and did not leave a multimillion estate to her descendants.

Ida B. Wells Society for Investigative Reporting comes to Carolina

However, she did leave us with a legacy of integrity, education and pride. Ida B. Wells also left a professional legacy to the field of journalism. As an African-American and as a woman, she faced great danger in the South for her investigative reporting on lynchings to the point where her life was threatened and her Memphis Free Speech printing press was destroyed in I was born almost years after my great-grandmother, and the fact that some still view people like me through the same racist lens that my ancestor was viewed is disheartening.

National Women's History Museum, Date accessed. Chicago- Norwood, Arlisha. Wells, Ida B. Wells , Chicago: University of Chicago Press, Accessed 27 April Wells-Barnett By Arlisha R. Lesson Plan.

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African American Activists. Works Cited.

Bay, Mia. Wells , New York: Hill and Wang, Giddings, Paula J. How to Cite this page. Additional Resources. Related Biographies. The couple had four children.

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Wells jugged motherhood, journalism and civil rights. When Wells died in at the age of 68 from a brief illness due to kidney failure, her influence was waning, her autobiography was unfinished and her ambition of a federal anti-lynching law was unrealised. She was almost obsolete. She wrote the book to stop it being forgotten.

Ole Miss' Journalism School Should Be Named For Ida B. Wells

Wells and Barnett are interred together in the Oak Woods cemetery in Chicago. She remains a little known figure in America and abroad. She was also written out of the suffrage movement even though she played a huge role in it and was trying to push the white suffragists on racial equality. Both her gender and her race are the reasons why she was largely written out of history.

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But now she is inspiring a new generation of women in journalism. Hannah-Jones is co-founder of the Ida B Wells Society for Investigative Reporting, which aims to increase the ranks, retention and profile of reporters and editors of colour in the field. What if Wells herself were alive today? As long as she was able, she would be one of the sharpest critics of this country right now. Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Topics Race Pain and terror: America's history of racism.

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A Place for Ida A Place for Ida
A Place for Ida A Place for Ida
A Place for Ida A Place for Ida
A Place for Ida A Place for Ida
A Place for Ida A Place for Ida
A Place for Ida A Place for Ida
A Place for Ida A Place for Ida
A Place for Ida A Place for Ida

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