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There are whole scenes of conversations which all follow a similar pattern. In order for the author to get across the information he needs to, they all followed a 'call and response' style, where the questioning character would simply repeat the last few words of the This was a great idea poorly executed, which led to a very frustrating read. In order for the author to get across the information he needs to, they all followed a 'call and response' style, where the questioning character would simply repeat the last few words of the explaining character; something like this: "Hey, have you read the new book by KM Ashman about a Citadel?

People live in it and it has a dark secret. After pages worth of this it simply becomes irritating. With regards to the editor comment above, I came across a number of things that stood out. For example, on page it says, "Crispin touched the substance with his boot. I'm amazed this hasn't been fixed by now, considering the book has been out for quite some time. Also, page , "Listen, can you here it?

There is also a lack of consistency in ideas. In one instance it talks about the Tower of the Saints and other times it is the Tower of the Saint, which I'm assuming is the correct term because of their belief in the singular Six-fingered Saint. Similarly, Pelosus exclaims on page , "By the Saints," which again doesn't make sense. They only believe in one 'Saint. It's just not something they would say.

Even then, there are instances of God with a capital G and other times with a small g. Finally, while I don't hold feminist tendencies, the characterisation of the women in Citadel became frustrating as well. They spend most of their time flapping about exclaiming the likes of, "Oh, what can we do? Aug 26, Danielle Bonam rated it really liked it Shelves: historical-fiction , fiction. Another Unique Read Once again Ashman did a wonderful job in spinning this fictional tale.

As a fan of his historical fiction, I was surprised at this completely unique plot. Similar to his Savage Garden, Ashman tells a story with the semblance of history but with a much more present fantasy than found in most historical fictions. Clearly it was more of a scifi novel, just without the technology. Set in a medieval future reality, this story's main theme was that history can be misleading The depth of this story went further than the secret lost city. I really enjoyed the hidden analysis of organized religion and the powerful secrets only a few knew.

Great read for those that enjoy the historical feel, but don't mind a bit of fantasy to reach grander points than history can conclude. Similar to George R.

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Martin, this was the first bit of pure fiction I've been able to enjoy in years. Oct 30, Ashleigh rated it really liked it. My first K. Ashman read and I loved it. Aug 10, Rene' rated it it was amazing Shelves: fantasy. This was a very entertaining book. If you like fantasy books and twists and turns then this will be a fantastic read.

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Kinda brings you back to the feel of the Romans with how the book is displayed and how the characters evolve. Highly recommended! May 19, Michael Wilkinson rated it really liked it. Imaginative style more fantasy than roman series however characters still entertain recommended. Apr 28, Jo rated it liked it Shelves: challenge. For the reading challenge - a book with magic in it.

Aug 20, Ken rated it liked it. OK, not great read. Apr 03, Hari rated it liked it. Meh spoilers It is quite on ssh cure and I do not know why the author has addiction to shores, their in all his books. Nov 30, David Grieve rated it really liked it. Good story. Very gripping and imaginative but the quality of the writing was a bit patchy, especially the dialogue.

So far it's interesting. Boulder Boulderson rated it did not like it Apr 15, Cassandra rated it it was ok May 07, Zilia D'mello rated it it was ok Mar 09, Elizabeth Levy rated it it was amazing Sep 16, Paul Bayless rated it really liked it Jul 07, Paul Howard-Williams rated it really liked it Jan 31, Edward Swalwell rated it liked it May 18, Steve rated it liked it Jul 08, Annie rated it it was ok Feb 10, Steven Usher rated it liked it Sep 27, Mary rated it really liked it Oct 08, Theresa rated it liked it Aug 13, R rated it really liked it Oct 17, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Readers also enjoyed. Young Adult. Science Fiction Fantasy. About K. Married for 31 years to the lovely Jan. The German, I knew, would be in a Tiger tank, the most formidable weapon on the battlefields of Europe. The Soviet would command the undersized but mobile Russian T tank. The contest of the two tanks, great and small, was going to be the heart of the novel. For the Tiger, I did not want a German soldier. Instead, my research led me to the fact that by , the SS was over 50 percent non-Germanic. This allowed me new insights on Germany, Germans themselves, and new perspectives on how to fight.

In the Red tank, my first impulse was to mirror Luis with a counterpart. Mother would hitch up the wagon and accompany father, sons, and daughters, feeding them along the way. I decided to make a Cossack clan my main characters, though I excised the mother. I made the father my main protagonist. Like Luis, private Dimitri Berko gave me a new angle on war.

He is an instinctive plains horseman and brings this galloping battle sense to his efforts as the driver of the T In a footnote, I learned of the Night Witches, an all-woman squadron of night bombers. The entire unit was comprised of females: pilots, navigators, mechanics, armorers, officers. They got their nickname from their tactics.

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In the dark, they cut the engines on their flimsy PO-2 biwing bombers a mile from their targets, then glided in to deliver their payloads. Once their bombs were dropped, they restarted their props and puttered away before the spotlights could find them and AA batteries knock them out of the sky. Katya plays a double role in the book because she becomes a partisan after being shot down. The work of the guerrillas behind German lines was thrilling and dangerous.

I wanted it in Last Citadel. To envision all this, I traveled to Russia. I spent three weeks on the battlefields around Kursk. I visited towns and villages, museums and memorials. I spoke with as many older folks as my interpreter and I could ingratiate ourselves to. My research led me to dozens of splendid written sources, detailed in the bibliography I include with all my historical fiction.

I spent days at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds Museum in Maryland with the curator, sitting in tanks of all kinds, handling firearms and learning ballistics. I flew in a bi-wing stunt plane to get the sense of acrobatics Katya would need to escape the swinging searchlights after her raids. I rode in a restored T over dusty fields in rural Virginia, playing gunner and driver as well as hunter and quarry. I interviewed an old Russian found by a local rabbi.

The man had been a partisan in the forests around Minsk, blowing up German troop trains. I sat for hours with a retired Green Beret who taught me how to handle C-3 and how to position the explosive clay to derail a train any number of ways. At Russian museums I watched video interviews with old Soviet and German tankers, seeing the battle for Kursk relived in their eyes.

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Throughout my research I waited and listened for my characters to emerge. They came out of books and faces, from flickering screens, grainy photographs, brilliant sunsets over vast pastures, and old streets and pathways.

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In my writing experience, history makes itself available to anyone with the diligence to find it. The voices to tell these grand stories are what make or break the telling. It is here, in inspiration, where the writer needs the most patience and hard work. Read An Excerpt. Robbins By David L. Robbins Best Seller. Paperback —. Add to Cart. About Last Citadel One nation taking a desperate gamble of war.

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The Last Citadel The Last Citadel
The Last Citadel The Last Citadel
The Last Citadel The Last Citadel
The Last Citadel The Last Citadel
The Last Citadel The Last Citadel
The Last Citadel The Last Citadel
The Last Citadel The Last Citadel
The Last Citadel The Last Citadel
The Last Citadel

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