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Former basketball prodigy Sebastian Thiel's new documentary tells the.

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Frontline London. London gang members commit crimes including 24 murders in three. This is extreme sexual bullying. Frontline London: Train gang members in how to save stab victims, say.

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Gang members banned from cycling or having pay-as-you-go phones in. Get behind truly exceptional Frontline London campaign, say religious. We are no nearer to ending gang violence, says shadow home secretary. They kill. Frontline London: These young gangsters have lost so many friends.


Frontline London: Ricky was three when his father threw him off a. Gangsters suffer mental illness, groundbreaking London study shows. Trio held over Whitehall Muslim vigilante attacks released on bail. Tottenham man cleared of Oxford Street Boxing Day murder weeps in dock. Barking killers grabbed champagne and brandy before stabbing teen. Teen stabbed so fast on Oxford Street no one knew it happened, jury.

The History of South London Gangs - The Beginning

Picture: The terrifying arsenal found at gang's safe house to use on. Caught on film: heartbreaking moment five-year-old is shot by gang as. News in brief. Our findings have implications for thinking about rising numbers of violent incidents in London. There were homicides in — the highest total since Whenever violence is gang-related, it is increasingly about protecting drugs markets rather than the honour of the gang.

Although gang-related violence appears to represent a minority share of the violence we have seen in London this year, the fact that gangs have moved indoors and online may mean that more violence is gang-related than is realised. Most of the street gangs identified a decade ago have disappeared from the streets of Waltham Forest, but the few remaining have evolved from street-oriented groups to business alliances with a focus on controlling drugs markets.

However, being involved in gangs significantly increases the likelihood of becoming either a victim or a perpetrator of violence. Topics Gangs Opinion. Reuse this content. This was seen first hand by undercover cop Neil Woods , who heard of gangs meting out brutal rapes as punishments for rising drug debt during his time embedded with some organised criminals. LONDON gang members describe being sent beyond the capital to sell drugs as 'going country' - and government statistics show they're doing it more and more. Drug offences are soaring in suburban counties while remaining more stable in urban areas such as London, Greater Manchester and the West Midlands.

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There have been more than 1, arrests linked to county line dealing since Operation Gravity was launched. However, top cops have warned drug dealers are now targeting schools and children by recruiting youngsters to act as mules. More than two of every ten arrests has been of someone under the age of 18 - as London youngsters are sent into Norfolk to courier money or drugs. The reality of county lines and brutal gang violence may seem a world away from the pubs and clubs across the country in which people are doing a few lines of coke on a Friday night, but the two are inextricably linked.

Soaring casual usage is lining the pockets of brutal drug gangs - and fuelling the violence that goes with them. More than suspected members of drug gangs were arrested during a week-long nationwide crackdown on county lines gangs coordinated by the National Crime Agency in May this year. Nikki Holland, county lines lead at the National Crime Agency, said: "We know that criminal networks use high levels of violence, exploitation and abuse to ensure compliance from the vulnerable people they employ to do the day-to-day drug supply activity.

While the county lines crackdown in Norfolk may have reined in the drug gangs' activities, sadly for some vulnerable people like Steve Stannard, it's too late.

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    End Of The Line. A staggering one in five 16 — year-olds have taken cocaine in the last year. Where to go for help.

    The London Gang The London Gang
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