A Path Not Chosen

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Your message has been sent! Your email will only be seen by the event organizer. One of the big questions we face is whether or not to take the well-beaten, typical path. Is that the best choice, or should we be non-conformists and take the less-traveled route? Years into the future, after making our decision, how will we feel about the path we've chosen?

A lot of people think this poem is encouraging us to take the road that's less traveled. And while it's easy to fall into that well-beaten path of analysis, it's not exactly accurate. So make sure that when you read this poem, you take your own road, whether it's the road less traveled or not.

The Path Not Chosen

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Logging out Here you have the option of time to start molding your career towards the things that you enjoy doing. Even after starting a job, you should be continuously working on understanding the things you enjoy doing, which will help you further understand which path will make the difference for you.

To begin, I recommend pulling out a notebook and a pencil and start making a list.

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You may want to keep this list handy, as the more you can add to it the clearer your understanding will be, and the easier those choices are to make on which path is right for you. For example, enjoys social settings, leading large groups, and going to conferences might fall into a similar category. If possible, try and name each grouping and generalize a title for each grouping.

The purpose of this exercise is to help you to define your own likes and dislikes to heighten your awareness of it for the decision making process. After the list has been categorized and sorted, look at each title grouping and think about where most of your likes and dislikes are listed.

In A Nutshell

Pull out a new piece of paper and write down grouping titles where most of your likes and dislikes fall under. Keep this list handy and work on it over the next few months and define the traits best suited for the different paths in your career. This list is used to help define which career path you may be best suited for.

Stray Kids "Clé 2 : Yellow Wood" UNVEIL : TRACK "밟힌 적 없는 길(Road Not Taken)"
A Path Not Chosen A Path Not Chosen
A Path Not Chosen A Path Not Chosen
A Path Not Chosen A Path Not Chosen
A Path Not Chosen A Path Not Chosen
A Path Not Chosen A Path Not Chosen
A Path Not Chosen A Path Not Chosen
A Path Not Chosen A Path Not Chosen

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