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I believe I understand the structure as this: every other chapter is an account of a season in Pujols' career, up through Lamb liberally doles out the stats, which should please any die-hard baseball fan with a photographic memory for stats I personally know plenty of such types. He gives highlights from ea This book has something in it for everyone.

He gives highlights from each season, usually coming to one climactic moment. The off chapters are about Pujols the man. And my gosh is it ever hero worship. Don't get me wrong--Pujols is probably the most stand-up guy to ever play the game. I don't doubt for a second that he's everything he claims to be. His work with the Pujols Foundation and with people with Down Syndrome and other special needs places him above reproach in many, many regards. I am sure he is a strong, die-hard Christian and that he witnesses to every baserunner as Lamb and Ellsworth claim.

All of this is fine. However, I would have liked a more objective approach. What we seem to have here is the "Christian's guide to serving God and witnessing to others as represented by Albert Pujols," and Pujols puts such incredible pressure on himself to "walk the walk" that I feel worn out by his "example. This book is sort of a tract--"witness the Albert Pujols way"--and all we get is example after example of how righteous Albert is by his works. If that inspires you, that's great. It depresses me. This kind of thing doesn't talk about how good God is; it's about how good Albert is to God.

And sometimes he is so devoutly religious in action that he doesn't relate well to people, and he says something like, "At the end of the day, it's what God thinks that counts. Please don't get me wrong, I think Albert's incredible. He's a great leader for his team, he lives a clean life, he is extremely generous with his time, money, and resources. He's probably the greatest baseball player of all time, yet he puts his faith above his talent. I just get depressed by testimonies about Christians who seem to be working to earn their salvation.

It doesn't work for me anymore. And it really doesn't work to juxtapose it against all of Albert's stats. This should be two separate books. Give us the story of his career in one volume and then the worship of Albert as a perfect Christian in another volume.

I know, I know--nobody's perfect, only God is perfect, as Albert and the authors here would say. But the message conveyed here is that Albert is the standard by which God will judge the rest of us, and I don't like that. Other aspects of this book that are uneven is that it seems like the authors have scores to settle on his account. It IS a good thing to defend him against the steroid allegations, but in that particular chapter, we get rather a sermon than a well-reasoned argument, and they had way too many points of contention.

One or two would suffice, but we get reasons like, "Do you honestly believe Albert would swear before God that he doesn't take steroids? Let's just let the facts speak for themselves--the man has NEVER taken PEDs, and considering his incredible career and stats, that's witness enough of God's hand at work in his life. We also get an entire chapter that advertises for the Pujols Foundation. Again, don't get me wrong, an extremely worthy organization that's doing awesome things for people with special needs, but it doesn't fit with the rest of the book.

What was this book intending to accomplish? At times, it's baseball storytelling. At others, it's an altar call. And then we seem to be taking up a collection for the Pujols Foundation. My problem, you understand, is with the book, not with the man. I would have appreciated more objectivity. Someday someone will write the book. This one feels as if Pujols himself reviewed every chapter, telling the boys what was okay and what wasn't he didn't, but he might as well have. Yes, we Cards fans felt he belonged to us, but he clearly doesn't. I'm saying this with sincerity: he belongs to God, and I know God will somehow use him to affect the Anaheim community the way he has affected St.

Albert's mission is bigger than baseball, although good gosh he's good.

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It's hard to imagine a player as great as him being able to see a larger picture, but he does, so we Cards fans have to let it go. I wish him well. I hope his career continues as it has thus far I know last year was a disappointing season for him, but I'm sure it was a fluke. I do believe he's the greatest to ever play the game, and we were privileged to have him in STL for as long as we did.

Albert Pujols was born in the Dominican Republic. He was raised by a father who always played baseball and even played softball when he was older, so he gained a love for baseball. Also, after every softball game his dad would go and get drunk so Albert would have to pretty much drag him home. When he was a teenager he and his family moved to America.

He went on to play baseball for West Arkansas Community College. He now plays in the majors. He played With the St. Louis Cardinals from It was cool to get to more about his background and also more about his life right now. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who either loves baseball or God, or if you love them both like me, you will absolutely enjoy it.

Also, if you just like Albert Pujols or want to know more about, because this is definitely the book for that. That's more important than anything I'm doing in baseball. Pujols: More than the Game. Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson, Mar 02, Zachary Christensen rated it it was amazing. The author's purpose for this book is to tell about the life of Albert Pujols and how Albert accepted Christ as his Savior. His point of view was receiving information from Albert, himself and what reporters and other analysts think of him and how Albert puts the Bible before anything else.

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The theme of Albert Pujols: More than the game was all about baseball and Christ. The topic was to encourage readers, like me, to accept Christ as my Savior and put him into everything I do, as in baseball. The style that this book was written in was a "narration. From the time Albert was in the Dominican Republic all the way to the year This does not tell about the season where the Cardinals won the World Series. Yes, this book is very effective. My opinion of this book is a good opinion. What I like about it was the mentioning of baseball, telling a story about my favorite baseball player, right now, and how it mentions the word God in almost every paragraph.

I did not dislike anything about it, I loved everything about it. I would not change a thing. This book is nothing like I have read before. I would want other people to read this book. I am not mentioning anything in particular, because I do not want to spoil the book, for other readers. GREAT baseball story with so lmany statistics. But better yet is Albert's personal testimony of his faith in Jesus! Highly recommend it. May 21, Jon Moeller rated it liked it. I love Albert, but this book was pure propaganda.

I loved to learn of his story, but this book was over the top. I thought for a minute it was written by his mom.

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I'm sure this was for his free agency for everyone to see how great of a guy he is. And the Angels read it and bought it. Still love him and his story. Aug 26, Matt Brandt rated it liked it. Apr 24, Constantine Pantazis rated it it was amazing. I felt like I can connect to this book greatly.

I believe this because both Albert Pujols and I are both very religious and I feel like throughout the book it showed Alberts life with playing baseball and his life with god. I feel like this book was very worth reading for many reasons. This book showed the life of Albert Pujols and his baseball career with him growing up.

Feb 02, Erin rated it really liked it Shelves: inspirational , biographies. Albert Pujols caught my eye, along with attention from the rest of the world, even from his rookie season in Living in the TV market of the St. Louis Cardinals, I heard plenty about this unheralded newcomer and saw for myself that he had potential to become a force for the Redbirds. No one knew then that within a decade he'd be heralded as the league's best player.

Maybe the best to ever play the game of baseball. But Albert's perspective on life goes far beyond the accomplishments at the ba Albert Pujols caught my eye, along with attention from the rest of the world, even from his rookie season in But Albert's perspective on life goes far beyond the accomplishments at the ballpark. I don't want to be remembered as the best baseball player ever. I want to be remembered as a great guy who loved the Lord, loved to serve the community and who gave back. They share how his faith has grown from the young adult who accepted Christ as his Savior to the man who witnesses during ballgames and leads missions trips to his native country.

He and his wife Dee Dee are the force behind the Pujols Family Foundation, which is dedicated to helping families of Down Syndrome children and adults, as well as reaching into the Dominican Republic to help with medical needs and the sharing of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Baseball nuts will love all the statistics included within the book. I love baseball but I found myself a little bogged down here and there when every at-bat of certain games were detailed. In a game season that was seven years ago, why does that stat matter? But once you get past those technical points and get to the real meat of the matter, which as Albert himself would say is his faith and his testimony, that's where this story becomes deep and compelling.

In a world where not many can be looked up to as heroes, I believe Albert Pujols stands head and shoulders above the crowd. His love for the Lord and for his family is inspiring. The fact that he actively tries to glorify God in everything he does makes him someone I admire. He is not perfect, but he seeks the better path: to humbly serve those around him. Well done, Albert. May God grant him strength and wisdom as he lives the rest of his life story!

I was not required to write a positive review.

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The opinions I have expressed are my own. Mar 31, Sally rated it really liked it Shelves: christian-non-fiction , thomas-nelson-free-for-review , sport. Even if your baseball knowledge is limited to the update tracker at the bottom of the television screen, you'll know the name of Albert Pujols. He's the only player to hit at least 30 home runs in each of his 10 seasons. But did you also know that Pujols is a Christian?

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I didn't, maybe becau Even if your baseball knowledge is limited to the update tracker at the bottom of the television screen, you'll know the name of Albert Pujols. I didn't, maybe because I'm a casual observer of the game. When Thomas Nelson offered a book that focused on his Christian faith for review, however, I was intrigued enough to take a look. Pujols is a force on and off the field and the book reflects that.

The first part looks at his life before he hit the big time. He grew up in the Dominican Republic. Like many of his peers, he loved watching baseball. At the age of 16 he moved to the USA with his family and, despite his lack of English skills, made it onto the high school baseball team. That's where his career began. The book contains a lot of game statistics and replays. Most of those went over my head. Where I got most enjoyment was in reading his off field activities. Pujols puts his life as a Christian above everything else. He believes his baseball ability comes from God, and it is his job to use that gift for God's glory.

Through his Pujols Family Foundation, he raises money for a Down syndrome organization in St Louis and for an orphanage in his home country. Is he perfect? No, and that's what I like about this book. The writers make it clear that Christians aren't perfect and describe more than one incident where Pujols did not act in a positive manner.

There is one other thing that makes this book different from your average biography. There are no glossy photos of Pujols or his family in the middle. I don't know why that is, but I'd like to think it's because for Albert Pujols the emphasis should be on God and not him. Even though, yes, this is a book about him. Overall, this is a decent book that doesn't make Pujols larger than life. There are a lot of statistics, but casual fans can skip past those. I gave up on baseball long ago my home team is described in the book as the "perennial cellar-dwelling Pirates" , but this book held my interest to the end.

Note: I received this book from Thomas Nelson's Booksneeze review program. The opinions contained in this review are my own. Sep 22, Cooper added it. The author's purpose of Pujols: More Than the Game is easy. They want to inform readers about the life and playing career of Albert Pujols. Louis, and of the life journey of his faith and family. Pujols uses his gifts to help with people with Down syndrome and help with the quality of life for people in the Dominican Republic. Pujols does his work to not glorify himself but to glorify God. The style of the book is a narration.

The authors of this book chronologically tell the story of Albert Pujols. From growing up in the Dominican Republic, to moving to the United States as a teenager, to his days in the Minor Leagues, to stardom in the Major League. In the book there are a couple chapter that talk about the man of Albert Pujols and his faith and his impact on the community.

This style is effective but can be confusing at times. It is effective because it not only gives information about Pujols playing career ,but also information about his private life. My opinion of the book that it was very good. The writers did a tremendous job of telling the story of Albert Pujols. Something that I did not like was that everyone once in awhile the story would be telling of his baseball career and then go off on a different path.

Feb 20, Daniel Butcher rated it liked it Shelves: baseball. They chart his life from the poverty of the Dominican Republic, immigration to the United States and settling in the Kansas City area as a teenager and his quick impact on the game of baseball. I have a bias. So I came into this reading not wanting to like Pujols. The writers are clearly fans of Pujols and they create a picture of a very moral man who makes choices out of his faith in God and a compassionate heart.

The authors provide lots of names, numbers, facts and season summaries at a quick pace making it difficult to dig into the action of games and seasons. Also, the book lacks the young people with money acting silly sort of stories that one typically finds in baseball books.

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Honestly this book lacks the funny and silly stories one typically finds in a baseball biography, that is not exploring the evils of steroids. In fact perhaps too strongly, giving readers a 20 point list of why Pujols has never used steroids, that could easily be boiled down to faith, integrity and bodily stewardship. Sadly, this book is at times just too bland to be considered a great baseball book.

Review Copy Provided by Thomas Nelson Nov 20, Grant Mink rated it it was amazing. He shows how even through success he always stays humble and is unselfish. This book can have an impact on any age level because it teaches to have the right values in your life. It talks about how even though he is a great baseball player, he does great things off of the field. He is showing how to help others and just be a good person in general.

I believe the theme of this book is willpower. Being a professional athlete, you have to have confidence in yourself and others. Albert always did what was right even if it didn't benefit him. He had the fight in high school and growing up to be the best person he could and to become a great baseball player.

He has willed himself to become a great role model for people all around the world. This shows how important how people view him as a person is to him. This book was a narration. It explains how he grew up with not a large amount of money living in the Dominican Republic. It also talks about how he found god and baseball and used those two things as his ways out of the Dominican Republic and lead him on the path of success that he is on now. To this day he still helps and donates to the under privileged especially in the Dominican Republic.

This shows that he tries to help others that are not as lucky as him. I enjoyed this book. I enjoyed how it talked about his journey throughout his life to make it where he is today. There is not a single thing I disliked nor is there anything I would change.

This book is somewhat similar to Toughness by Jay Bilas. Every young athlete would benefit from this great work. Not because it shows the glory of one man's journey through life but because it shows that not matter how many accolades, awards, notoriety, or money one receives, it is the establishment of a true relationship with Jesus Christ that will propel one to the top.

The authors do a great job in detailing his humble starts in a small shack in the Dominican Republic to a very successful foundation designed not for the glory of Albert, but the glo Every young athlete would benefit from this great work. The authors do a great job in detailing his humble starts in a small shack in the Dominican Republic to a very successful foundation designed not for the glory of Albert, but the glory of god and what he wants Albert to do with his life. But Pujols' quest is arguably the third-most compelling story on his team, behind the ongoing Shohei Ohtani extravaganza and Michael Trout doing his usual extraordinary things.

Pujols was the king of the sport six years ago, with a future that hinted at all sort of historic milestones. And now that he's about to reach one of the shiniest ones But know: People in St. Louis care. They might care too much. Since Pujols left to sign with the Angels after that World Series, the attitude of Cardinals fans toward the player once so beloved in St.

Louis that he was bestowed with the nickname "El Hombre," placing him alongside Stan "The Man" Musial, the franchise's patron saint, has evolved.

The Angels Are Kind of Right About Albert Pujols | FanGraphs Baseball

This is the primary reason. The decline of Pujols in recent years has been well-documented, but it's worth looking a little closer at just how different a player he has been in Los Angeles than he was in St. Here are his slash lines for each team, along with total WAR per FanGraphs and, notably, total salary: Cardinals :.

And the past two seasons have been particularly gruesome. In , Pujols had a He started that year with a higher career WAR than Chipper Jones, who retired in , but finished it below him. This year isn't going much better. Pujols has a. This makes me happy. So this certainly has something to do with the lack of fanfare for Pujols' 3,th hit as well, right? It feels a little wrong to focus too much attention on Pujols at this moment in his career. We want to remember him for what he was, rather than what he is at this moment, the same way we all try to forget that Willie Mays finished his career with the Mets.

Though it's worth pointing out that he was, in his final days, still better than Pujols is right now. You want to remember Pujols for his prime, rather than this lamentable decline. And there is no place that remembers Pujols' prime better than St. For my money, the greatest Pujols game was July 20, , on the best Cardinals team of my lifetime, a game the Cards trailed after two innings before Pujols just kept blasting them back, hitting three homers and also a single and a double , culminating in a ninth-inning homer off LaTroy Hawkins to complete the comeback with a lead.

There are of course hundreds of others, ultimately ending with that World Series, in which Pujols hit three homers in a game and eventually scored on David Freese 's infamous last-pitch triple. In St. Louis, Pujols is not a player in decline or a financial albatross. He remains eternally 31, raking; Ted Williams in his prime, El Hombre. Who can stay up late enough to find out what's happening in Anaheim anyway? Another main reason for this helpful forgetfulness: Pujols has yet to return to Busch Stadium. Thanks to a scheduling quirk caused by the political conventions, the Angels still haven't visited St.

Louis since he left. According to Derrick Goold at the St. Pujols has played the Cardinals in Anaheim, and it did look weird.

The Ultimate Albert Pujols Fun Fact And Trivia Book The Ultimate Albert Pujols Fun Fact And Trivia Book
The Ultimate Albert Pujols Fun Fact And Trivia Book The Ultimate Albert Pujols Fun Fact And Trivia Book
The Ultimate Albert Pujols Fun Fact And Trivia Book The Ultimate Albert Pujols Fun Fact And Trivia Book
The Ultimate Albert Pujols Fun Fact And Trivia Book The Ultimate Albert Pujols Fun Fact And Trivia Book
The Ultimate Albert Pujols Fun Fact And Trivia Book The Ultimate Albert Pujols Fun Fact And Trivia Book
The Ultimate Albert Pujols Fun Fact And Trivia Book The Ultimate Albert Pujols Fun Fact And Trivia Book

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