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Search Engine Land’s Guide To Yahoo - Search Engine Land

So, what does that mean for marketers? It seems Yahoo is inching out of its partnership with Bing Ads. Either party can terminate their deal as of October 21 A study by ComScore found that searchers on the Yahoo Bing network spend 6. Google Analytics data analysis from Further , shown below, shows the index of interest for search engine users. As you can see, there are a variety of over-represented interests amongst Yahoo searchers, including DIY, sports and pets. It has generated low CPCs due to a lack of competition and relatively engaged users compared to other channels.

Yahoo Ads: Everything You Should Know for Profitable Campaigns

See the chart below from Shareaholic showing how Yahoo searchers compare to others for time and pages on site, as well as bounce rate. Although Gemini may not be as easy a platform to manage as AdWords, those marketers already successfully using it may be forgiven for being suspicious about what will happen to their campaign metrics.

Gemini also has a range of product, image and video ads. If users open the Discover Card mail ad above, they see this credit card post-click landing page :.

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Yahoo Mail ads also include targeted banner ads. Post-click, users see this sales page where they can make a purchase:. Note: The Instapage digital advertising specs guide contains everything you need in one place — dimensions, file formats, examples, and more — to create each of these ad formats across all platforms and devices.

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Naturally, Yahoo ads vary in price, depending on the format you choose. Due to lower search volumes, and therefore low competition, cost per click can be very low.

SEO ( Search Engines Optimization ) - Bing and Yahoo!

So even if you only generate one customer or sale from advertising on Yahoo, your ROI is still likely to be impressive. User-reported pricing data — based on 1, user reviews across 10 different advertising products — demonstrates that Yahoo advertising was ranked in the 32nd percentile for cost in the Search Advertising category:.

Yahoo complements any digital marketers advertising strategy by filling in any gaps in their online presence.

1. Not using Google Shopping Ads for physical products

To create the most optimized Yahoo ad, refer to the Instapage digital ad specs guide for the most up to date ad specs and targeting options. Stephanie Mialki is a Content Writer for Instapage. She is a graduate of St. Start a trial or schedule a demo to learn more about the Enterprise plan. Resource Library What is Post-Click?

Yahoo Search Marketing: Get Better Results from YSM Ad Campaigns

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Request Demo. Our Customers Customer Stories. Our Plans Enterprise Benefits. This begs the question… Why advertise on Yahoo? Who uses Yahoo?

To demonstrate, this Taboola search ad is highly relevant to the search query, contains a benefit-oriented headline and description, and shows an optimized display URL: Once clicked, searchers end up on this click-through post-click landing page where they can create a Taboola account : Display ads Yahoo display ads can be shown to people who previously showed interest in your brand, product, or service.

This Zillow sponsored video ad is a great example to show the comparison and how similar they appear, blending in with surrounding content: Yahoo Mail ads As the name suggests, Yahoo Mail ads are served exclusively in the email platform and have produced click-through rates as high as 4x industry averages.

Yahoo Guide to search Marketing
Yahoo Guide to search Marketing
Yahoo Guide to search Marketing
Yahoo Guide to search Marketing
Yahoo Guide to search Marketing
Yahoo Guide to search Marketing
Yahoo Guide to search Marketing
Yahoo Guide to search Marketing

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