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Our staff is trained according to D. Small staff to client ratios enable daily activities to enhance positive friendships while flexing according to individual interest and ability. It's our desire to maintain a safe and positive social atmosphere at Downsize Farm. To do so, we affirm the dignity of each person in our program by honoring individual rights and personal responsibility to one another.

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Respectful behavior is expected, including positive words of expression and courteous group interaction. It's our worldview that every individual is created in the image of God and has inherent dignity, value and worth regardless of physical capability or intellectual function. Downsize Farm, located on 2. They had moved to the area from the dairylands of Wisconsin in to serve as pastor at Jenkins Chapel, bringing along a well cultivated desire to grow things.

Despite obstacles, they were hopeful that the quality of their lives could improve. Levi had just turned 7 when Downsize Farm became our home.

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Before his birth in February , Midge and I knew that he would be a boy, but not that he carried a genetic disability. We were anticipating that we would raise him just like our other three kids, and adjust our lives to include him in our family activities.

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The economy since then has recovered at a sluggish pace, but governments have recuperated even more slowly. Today, many jurisdictions continue to operate with staffing well below pre-recession levels. There are about 7.

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That number is 3 percent below the levels of March , shortly after the recession began. Taking population growth into consideration, noneducation local government employment per capita is down about 8 percent, while state employment is nearly 11 percent lower. Rising pension and health-care costs are also making it difficult for states and localities to fill vacant staff positions.

Most state governments reported revenues coming in below original projections earlier this year. Cities find themselves in a similar situation. Personnel downsizing has extended across different areas of government unevenly. Census Bureau data shows a particularly large cutback of 9.

Administrative and non-sworn police employees have suffered similarly large reductions. On the other hand, state-funded higher education has yet to experience a national slowdown in hiring.

Downsizing Definition

Areas such as parks and recreation, relying more on user fees, also have weathered the recession better. The Census data indicate Arizona, Massachusetts and New Jersey have suffered the largest declines in combined state and local government employment, excluding education, since the start of the recession in early In other places, the gradual shrinking of government payrolls began long before the recession.

Mounting cuts to aid from the state accelerated around that time. But it has long since ceased to be a temporary phenomenon.

Downsized: How a late-career job loss during prime earning years can derail retirement plans

The challenge for governments continues to be maintaining service levels with fewer resources. Some jurisdictions have responded by pursuing shared service agreements or partnerships with nonprofits, while others have sought efficiencies through technology and performance management initiatives. A Pew Research Center poll conducted earlier this year found 48 percent of Americans prefer a bigger government providing more services.

That exceeded those preferring a smaller government with fewer services 45 percent for the first time since late Many may be assuming, incorrectly, that their governments are fiscally strong if the local economy shows visible signs of growth. All of this raises a crucial and worrisome question: Are governments any better prepared for the next recession than they were for the last one? The good news is that states have managed to bolster their reserves.



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