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The anguish caused to families by this ongoing crime constitutes torture. Given their widespread and systematic nature, Amnesty International considers that the extrajudicial executions and the ongoing enforced disappearances amount to crimes against humanity, and is calling for urgent action by the international community.

The Hidden Secrets of Blood

No official has ever been brought to justice for these atrocities. Indeed, key judicial and government bodies which must ensure victims receive justice include officials who were tasked with carrying out the killings in Building on the sustained campaigning and documentation efforts by survivors, family members of victims and human rights defenders over the last 30 years, Amnesty International has set out to reveal more of the blood-soaked secrets the authorities have tried to keep and advance the struggle for truth, justice and reparation.

In late July , thousands of imprisoned political dissidents across Iran were suddenly cut off from the outside world.

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These men and women were mostly serving lengthy prison terms imposed because of their political opinions and peaceful activities such as distributing opposition leaflets and attending demonstrations. Some were children when jailed.

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As terrifying rumours circulated about mass secret executions, families frantically went to prisons and government offices to obtain information, only to be met by silence and abuse. Esmat Talebi, whose husband, Majid Simiary, and brother Adel Talebi were victims of the mass executions, described the desperation of families:. We handed in letters everywhere we went. The notifications were cruel and sudden with no information given about the reasons and circumstances of the killings.

Most families were just summoned to prisons or a government office, handed a bag which an official said contained the personal belongings of their dead relative, and ordered not to hold a memorial ceremony. There, he was taken into a room and sat on a chair.

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Now take his stuff and get out. Some families were not even given these last mementos. As a result, they were thrown into further uncertainty and, after 30 years, some, particularly elderly mothers, still struggle to believe that their loved ones are indeed dead. Ezzat Habibnejad described how her mother-in-law remains in agony and disbelief that her son Mehdi Gharaiee is dead:. Sometimes, when the phone or the doorbell rings, she jumps for it saying it might be Mehdi She struggles to accept that Mehdi is dead and says, if he had died, they would have returned his body or his belongings.

Some families were given misinformation or contradictory information and led to believe that their loves ones were alive. They only learned the truth later from former prisoners or informal government contacts. The Iranian authorities did not return the bodies of any of the victims to families. They also refused to tell most families where the bodies were buried. Amnesty International knows of only five cities where the authorities ultimately told some families verbally that their loved ones were buried in mass graves and revealed their locations.

However, publicly and officially, they have never acknowledged these mass grave sites. In at least seven other cities, the authorities gave a few families the location of individual graves, but many fear that the authorities may have deceived them and that these graves may be empty.

Thirty years on, the Iranian authorities have yet to acknowledge the existence of any mass graves in the country, let alone allow families to request exhumations and search for bodies. Between late July and September , the Iranian authorities carried out co-ordinated extrajudicial killings intended to eliminate all political opposition. Sign In. From Sunless Sea Wiki. Jump to: navigation , search.

Secrets and Lies

Secrets Wrapped in Blood and Bone. The entrails show you the core of her pain. A question never meant to be answered, in Whither, where the penalty remains exile. All this time, she has sought one none can refuse to answer.

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Revenge or validation? It has been so long.

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Even she forgets. You focus. The entrails have formed a familiar pattern on the ivory slate: the walls of an echoing castle, far beyond any sane captain's ventures.

Mass secret killings of political dissidents in 1988

You cast your eyes from it to the east, over a temporary sea of muscle and sinew, blood and bone. You know what it is. It's lingered at the back of your mind since the possibility of finding an answer first presented itself. Your inexperience at haruspicy makes focusing almost impossible. Your eyes follow the patterns, but they slip through your mind. Further down the road, you'll pass under some long wooden beams. There is two skull pillars with a skull Jump on top of the Inside is a teleporter which takes you up on the wooden beam.

After you got the blue key and move out of the basement, you go over another effing lava-flooded area with nails shooting up. You reach a 'V' corner with two faces across from a snake head. Jump up and headbutt the snake head, a secret door opens.

Secrets in the Blood Secrets in the Blood
Secrets in the Blood Secrets in the Blood
Secrets in the Blood Secrets in the Blood
Secrets in the Blood Secrets in the Blood
Secrets in the Blood Secrets in the Blood
Secrets in the Blood Secrets in the Blood
Secrets in the Blood Secrets in the Blood
Secrets in the Blood Secrets in the Blood
Secrets in the Blood

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