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To view it, click here. What a gripping story. This one grabs you from the first page. When Sophie is found living with her father in a cage of a bedroom it's up to the police to rescue her from her father. Everything Sophie has known has been turned upside down. She has been taught to not get close with anyone due to a curse, what she doesn't know is that tragedy strikes everyone. You also learn about a relationship between Luke and Vee who ultimately are Sophie's parents you also learn about mistakes everyone made in What a gripping story.

You also learn about a relationship between Luke and Vee who ultimately are Sophie's parents you also learn about mistakes everyone made in life. Sophie finds solace with her cousin Stephanie. Stephanie shows Sophie that the world is hers and she needs to make herself free of her crazy upbringing. Sophie learns alot about the people around her who have left the world at different times. She learns that simple explanations were not given would have made Sophie feel not so freakish. She also ends up falling in love with the boy her father shot Damien whom she had been friends with for a long time.

About how he never gave up on her even when she pushes him aside. This was a great journey for Sophie and I felt like I was right next to her. It was a great book full of mystery and parts left made you wonder how crazy some people can be. Definitely a book for those ya junkies!

Loved it! Jun 26, Mike rated it really liked it. This is a well written book. I am enjoying how Brenda develops the story by laying a foundation, then skillfully telling the story in two different timelines. This not only creates interest, but creates anticipation for what is going to happen next.

She also broaches difficult subjects that deal with complex family dynamics, religion, crime, and morality. I am enjoying Brenda's descriptive writing style that allows me to empathize with the characters in the book. I am anxious to try her other wo This is a well written book. I am anxious to try her other works. Aug 24, Lissette rated it it was amazing. Sophie Theotokis has led a very sheltered life. Her father has kept her out of the public eye from a very young age and has done everything in his power to make sure no one knows where they live or who they truly are.

She's made do with what little she has and has never questioned her father whenever he's issued her an order. Yet she cannot deny that she yearns for something more. Her solitary existence has taught her that she's not supposed to co-mingle with others. Yet when she's introduced to Sophie Theotokis has led a very sheltered life. Yet when she's introduced to her neighbor's sons, she realizes she's missed out on quite a bit. She begins to yearn for company and does everything she can to spend as much time with her new friends, never knowing that there will be consequences for her doing so.

Her father has always told her that she's cursed. That she can never truly let anyone else to come in contact with her. Part of her considers that fact as some sort of lie, one he told her to keep her near him at all times. Yet when one of her friends disappears unexpectedly, she can no longer deny that her father might have been right. She's cursed and anyone she kisses or comes in contact with eventually dies. When it's discovered that she's the baby girl that was kidnapped seventeen years ago, Sophie's not sure as to what to make of the revelations that have come to light.

In her mind, everything her father has done has been for her own protection and she can't quite fathom that she's who people now say she is. The appearance of a family she never knew makes her feel as if she's on the outside looking in. They're strangers to her and she doesn't know a thing about this new family.

Never-the-less, she's willing to give things a shot in order to get to know these people she must now live with. Sophie does her best to adjust to her new life, although that's easier said than done. Despite the fact that the secrets about her past have surfaced, there's quite a bit she doesn't understand. Her new family is willing to give her the time to come to terms with everything and have even gone as far as helping her make friends and go to school.

While all of it has been quite daunting, she's come to the realization that sometimes having someone around when everything seems so hopeless is actually quite reassuring. Yet even that has its disadvantages. She does her best to overcome her doubts and insecurities despite the fact that she yearns to return to the way things were before.

Throughout her entire ordeal, there's one constant she's never truly gotten rid. Her love for Damien follows her every wake. She'll do anything to know whether the two of them can ever have a chance at happiness. Part of her wants to explore that option, while another keeps her tied to the shadows she's always lived in. Her entire world has been turned upside-down and she's no longer sure of what is right and what is wrong.

She also knows she'll need to place trust her in someone else's hands if she's to succeed in moving forward. Unfortunately, the ghosts of her past are intent on keeping her from doing just that. Chock-full of topics that aren't normally covered all at once in books these days, The Color of Snow is a thought-provoking book that touches upon subjects like that of religion, incest, and mental illness.

The author has done an incredible job in creating a world that is sure to pull the reader in from the moment they begin reading. The amount of research that went into this book is greatly apparent as we dive into the life of Sophie Theotokis, her father, her new family, and the history surrounding their existence.

This is a book that's definitely worth reading. Granted, it's not romance, exactly, but there are elements of it throughout the entire book. The Color of Snow gives us a glimpse into the circumstances surrounding several lives that weren't of the characters' choosing. These lives have been tightly intertwined throughout the passing of time, culminating in an end that none of them ever saw coming. Engrossing and truly intriguing, I truly recommend this book for reading. Sep 01, Diana Offbeat Vagabond rated it it was amazing Shelves: ya , contemporary , romance , emotional.

To say this book took me by surprise is an understatement. The level of tragedy is heartwrenching, but so profound. From the first page, you are immediately sucked in. How deep this story goes is amazing and will leave you breathless. The Color of Snow follows a young girl named Sophie whose lived a very sheltered life. She has been brought up differently. All she does is read, draw and do chores around the house when her father isn't home.

Her father keeps her in their home away from people because he warns her that they could hurt people.

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He says they are both cursed. But Sophie is always daydreaming about having human interactions with others especially the boy she has been in love with since she was eleven. Of course, dad never knew, but things change one day that could stop her from seeing him forever when it seems the curse has made an appearance. But Sophie doesn't know the true extent of who she is and whether her father or the people who claim to be her lost family are lying to her.

Goodness, this book was hard to read, but in a good way. It is so heartbreaking, you do need to stop and catch your breath a few times. I love Sophie and the emotional rollercoaster she puts us on. A girl who has been told one thing all her life, kept isolated most of her life thinking she is cursed. I love that even though she is told these things, she wants to be more. She is brave and strong, but she doesn't know it. You relate to her a lot and root for her to find her own answers and herself. She learns how to do more of that though through her "kind of" cousin Stephanie.

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Meeting her is one of the best things that happens to Sophie. You will love her, trust me. I love how the book alternates between Sophie's POV and her father's. It really builds up the mystery of the story more. You really can't stop trying to get to the bottom of it all. We see Sophie flashback to when she first met Damien and all that has happened to them to this point which lead to strange people knocking at her door.

She is definitely scared and all she wants is to go home. Just imagining a girl being sheltered and then thrust into another family in less than a day is just overwhelming. You share those feelings with her. I love following her journey to discover the truth. It is such a significant part of the story and her life as a whole. Then her dad's story of his love for a girl he shouldn't be with because her dad saw him as nothing but a mule. The pain they both share is intense, but more so with her dad. His story is where the actual romance comes in, not much with Sophie. But the things that follow are just Another review that is difficult to write because it is so good and I don't want to reveal too much.

Stanley has done such a beautiful job with this book. She handles topics in this book that most avoid and does it in a way that feels real and not like propaganda. This is one of the freshest YA books I have read. It packs a punch and the fact that this is Contemporary is surprising given that this book isn't as paranormal as it sounds. You are good Stanley.

Seriously, this book feels so real, but you wouldn't have guessed that it wasn't paranormal. But even with my unconditional love for all things paranormal and fantasy, this book managed to feed into that without actually having it that made sense, right? The Color Of Snow is one of those reads that when you finish it, it will stick with you for a while and probably have you crying for sometime too. This is a very thought-provoking read that I believe everyone should be reading. Okay, I am stopping here, spoiling is becoming too tempting.

Read this pronto! Feb 10, Kelly rated it really liked it. Secrets, lies and a hint of the supernatural had me unable to put down The Color of Snow until it had revealed the depths of its mysteries. The constant change in both time and PoV made for great pacing and kept me eager for more! Told from two different PoVs, from both Sophie and her father Luke, gave The Color of Snow the opportunity to flesh out a truly all-encompasing history surrounding Sophie's kidnapping and subsequent sequestering. Luke's PoV was written from when he was a teenager dealin Secrets, lies and a hint of the supernatural had me unable to put down The Color of Snow until it had revealed the depths of its mysteries.

Luke's PoV was written from when he was a teenager dealing with the death of his father and the guilt of being blamed with causing the fatal fire which took his life. It was captivating to be leaked details at a slow and steady pace and his chapters always ended just short of revealing even more - which, of course, caused me to read further! I really sympathized with Luke, up until he kidnapped Sophie. I didn't fully understand why he didn't just exercise his right as the father in order to gain custody.

As for Sophie, she is probably the most innocent protagonist I have ever read about. A life spent without consistent human interaction has made her naive and slightly fearful of the world past her front yard. I was confused at first, over why she wasn't more sullen or withdrawn, but I quickly realized that while her father may have kidnapped her and kept her from society, he did love her and that was never something she doubted. His belief that he was merely protecting her from causing others harm did take it's toil on Sophie though - she's a delicate protagonist and a lifetime of beliefs was not something she was able to overcome easily.

Her growth, however, is exponential in the grand scheme of things even if it seems minuscule compared to most YA heroines. I absolutely loved Stephanie's analogy of the colour of snow, and how well it tied in to the title of the novel. It also went full-circle, come the end of The Color of Snow with Sophie's final discoveries and I really appreciated Stanley's forethought with this imagery. There were a few things that bothered me in The Color of Snow though. For example, even though the time was clearly identified at the beginning of each PoV switch, I had a hard time picturing The Color of Snow as being set during the late 90s and into the late s.

I'm not sure if it was the multitude of religious propaganda and references to small town Mormonism or Sophie's slightly outdated manner of speaking, but I was caught off guard every time something current - like Facebook or a cell phone - was mentioned. I didn't believe in Sophie's love for Damien, as other then the time they spent together as children, I didn't get to see them interact much. She also didn't seem overly concerned about his health after being shot, or about seeing him now that she had the freedom to do it.

I also had a hard time believing Sophie's fears of being cursed - like Stephanie points out, if she were truly worried about being cursed, about causing harm to those who love her, she wouldn't let her new-found family or anyone, for that matter get close to her for fear of hurting them. Actually, the whole curse theme in general lacked credibility when every example as to how Sophie was cursed was able to be explained away by logic.

There was also a LOT going on. Besides Sophie's personal issues, there are references to mental illness, questions of faith, molestation and pedophilia. Those few issues aside however, I really enjoyed The Color of Snow. The constant shroud of mystery made for great pacing, as there was always something else to uncover. I didn't necessarily relate to Sophie, but I enjoyed following her on her journey of self-discovery. Aug 15, Sky Rose Reviews rated it it was amazing. After being discovered by the police Sophie is sent to live with her grandparents, will she settle for life on the outside world or will she yarn for the life behind closed doors where she was not stared at by all and treated like a social outcast.

Review: How many ways can you say wow because you will be saying every single one. This book had me from the moment I opened it to the moment I closed, proverbially speaking since I had the ebook. It is a fantastic story which had me in tears before it even ended. I am trying not to spoil it for you because it is constructed so when each piece falls into place things make more sense. This book is not only clever but has realistic although not always likable characters which adds to the overall dimension of the book after all not everyone is pleasant.

The characters even those we know we are not meant to like are realistic, they come out as real people rather than a cartoon cut out of a villain. This book had me caring about the characters as if they were actually were. I laughed, loved and grieved with them. You are left wondering who to believe, who to like and who represents the real danger to Sophie.

The one thing that confused me about the book was the setting, while it seemed to be set between to it seems like it was set in the sixties. I may be looking from the point of view of a person who lives in London, known for its loose religious beliefs but I felt like the book was a bit heavy on religion but if life is that religiously orientated then cancel my flight to Idaho. So here comes the verdict This book is an amazing story about being human full of love and losses and managed to reduce me to tears several times, a record which has not been broken since I read Noughts and Crosses at Overall I give this book a record high 5 starts with a super guarantee that you will enjoy it despite the slightly long page count.

May 03, JennRenee rated it it was amazing Shelves: read Wow is all I can say. I am going to try to get through his review. It will be hard since I just finished the book and have not had time to let it all sink in. This book captivated me, broke my heart, and now haunts me. The story, or should say stories were amazing. This is what I knew of the story… There was a girl, kidnapped, lived a life in isolation. The girl is almost grown when she found. Can she Wow is all I can say. Can she live a normal life? The story sounds pretty intense just from what I knew form the summary.

The book is so much more!!! There are so many issues going around in this book, I felt that with almost every page my heart was being wrenched out of my chest. I am not going to give away any spoilers, so you will just have to read the book and I strongly recommend it. The writing style is amazing. The book does flash back and forth but in an amazing way. The biggest issue with the flipping back and forth, I wanted more of the story and had to continue reading. It was hard to put the book the down. I wanted to shut the world completely out and read. Warning: Do not read this book on lunch or breaks at work may cause tardiness and distractions for regularly performed duties.

Sophie was an amazing character. She is so smart, kind hearted, and very brave. She was told that she was cursed and at the cost of her happiness she would do what must be done to keep other safe.

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I adored her from beginning to end. I could not imaging going through what she went through and then try to live a normal life. Everything she was told growing up is different what she is told now. She loses the one person she knew growing up and she still embraced a new family. Another great character that I have to mention is her cousin Stephanie. Stephanie is in your face, say it like it is, kind of girl. She takes Sophie in under her wing first thing and stays loyal to her till the end.

She was an amazing supporting character and made the story that much better. All the characters were strong. The good I loved, the evil I hated, and the ones that were in between I just felt sorry for. The story is focused around relationships, family, romantic, and friendship. I felt that each one was very real, vivid, and raw. Each character developed so well that I knew their reactions and actions before the story did.

I really think this is a must read book. I dove deep into my soul and I am not sure I will ever full recover. The Color of Snow is a book about self discovery and making your own future. First I want to say that most of the books I read are mainly that of the Paranormal, Scifi, Fantasy genre, but I love to come across books that can grab my attention and drag me in just as easily. The Color of Snow did just that for me. Brenda Stanley has engulfed me by her writing, as throughout the book I felt as if I was right aside Sophie, feeling what she felt and encountering everything through her eyes.

For those who watch Lifetime, I am sure you know how some of their movies can have you awing and tearing up easily, I felt as if a Lifetime movie was unraveling before my own eyes. Though, like some of the girls from many books, Sophie is so stuck in what she had been raised to believe that she starts to push Damien, the boy that loves her away in fear of getting him hurt. Sophie had been told that anyone that loves her and kisses her will die, and because of that she has kept to herself so that she does not feel the burden of their death on her.

The emotions and characters from the book are incredible as each draws you in more closely, like I said its as if you are right there with them, the emotions come clear across from the pages and you have no trouble connecting to them. I especially loved Stephanie, she was the voice of reason and the only one that really told Sophie how it is. Feb 13, Tara rated it liked it.

Intriguing story of a kidnapped child raised in isolation, accepting the situation because she knows no other. It follows her as she is introduced to the larger world and begins to learn to cope with it and to unlearn some of the misconceptions she grew up with. While interesting and engaging, it is hard to imagine that one person could have such bad luck in a family: a crazy paternal grandmother and father, a dead mother, a controlling maternal grandfather though somewhat softened by years , a Intriguing story of a kidnapped child raised in isolation, accepting the situation because she knows no other.

While interesting and engaging, it is hard to imagine that one person could have such bad luck in a family: a crazy paternal grandmother and father, a dead mother, a controlling maternal grandfather though somewhat softened by years , a well-meaning but shallow maternal grandmother, a self-centered aunt, a lecherous uncle, and a cousin reeling from abuse; even her first "date" is abusive beyond his years and the detective rescuer just wants her story for is own gain.

Even Damien despite being loving and handsome shows a selfish lack of concern for Sophie by taking her to bed when she can't possibly be ready for that level of relationship or the potential consequences that her mother faced at way too young of an age. And it's clear he and Sophie have a long road ahead, because her healing won't be the overnight process the book implies. I think surrounding her with so many ill-willed people makes the story lack plausability.

In addition, there were a number of things in the book that didn't quite make sense. First, when Luke first meets Mrs. Graham while Sophie is in utero , she tells Luke she has 2 sons, but when Sophie meets the Graham boys 11 years later, Donny is younger than her.

The editor should be fired for missing that alone. Next, if Theta Theotokis went missing ca. Why would Gene Richardson pick out a Greek name for his granddaughter when he was so reluctant to put it mildly to acknowledge Luke as the father? How could Luke legally inherit Pete's land when Pete was buried in the woods and his death was never legally documented? For all the world knew, he had just gone missing too. When Elise shoots Lonny, her father shrugs it off like it's no big deal that his daughter is headed to prison.

Sure, Lonny and Elise aren't characters the readers like, but she's still Gene Richardson's daughter. I realize it's a teaching moment for Sophie, but it's hard to imagine he'd be capable of such philosophical distance within hours of the crisis. Setting the inconsistencies aside, the novel does give the reader some intriguing things to think about, and I enjoyed the read.

Jul 28, Sana rated it liked it Shelves: read-in It also never occurred to me that Brenda Stanley would overwhelm me to the point of feeling and empathizing with the characters as though they were real and breathing. That their happiness, their sorrow, their dreams will hum a tune I will "It had snowed over five inches the day I was born, and it wasn't until the day I was saved that the snow was as deep or as blue.

That their happiness, their sorrow, their dreams will hum a tune I will recognize as my own. The Color of Snow is longer than a typical contemporary book but it is different than any other book I have ever read. It reminded me that indeed, it is always darkest before dawn and that pain and suffering is not the end of the world. I was intrigued that despite being contemporary, how could it be that the mystery does not have any paranormal element in it. Needless to say, I ended up admiring the mystery part of the story. Sophie has lived in isolation all her life because of the belief that people need to be protected from her.

She doesn't know why this needs to be but she understands it and had adjusted to her life. Sophie's upbringing is done in a very unusual way with some very strange religious concepts. They do not have a mirror in their home for instance, because it takes away the focus from God to vanity. Luke Theotokis, her father, is rumoured to have kidnapped his own daughter from her mother's home after she died during childbirth.

In all its entirety, The Color of Snow is paced perfectly and the alternating chapters of Brenda's story, the events leading up to her birth Luke's story and a part of Brenda's younger version all blend together to form a very emotive and thought-provoking tale. I found myself thoroughly engrossed in the story Luke had to tell and what changed him from being an atheist to such a religious person.

How Sophie adjusts to her life in her grandparents' home and with Stephanie after her father is taken away to jail for attempted murder of Damien. And just how Damien entered Sophie's life. The Color of Snow is a heartbreaking story of Sophie adjusting to a normal life, letting go of her beliefs and finally, discovering herself. The title is very significant to her story and I admired how Stephanie played a significant role in saving Sophie. Jun 03, The BookWhisperer rated it it was amazing.

This book brought out the best of me and the worst of me. I teetered on absolutely loving it and wanting to throw my Kindle across the room because it worked up my emotions to the point of a break down. In fact, I think it made the book. The story has three time zones that it shares with its readers. One is the story of Luke and Vee. The second is the stor This book brought out the best of me and the worst of me. The second is the story of Sophie living with her father and the third is after her father has been arrested and she is living with her grandparents. The plot is filled with heavy emotions that are not settled until the very last page.

As the reader, you will see that each section stores brutal pain, young love, desperation, lies, truth, friendship, self-discovery, and hope. To me, all these emotions are why I found myself absorbed into this book. I am going to focus a little on the main character Sophie. I feel like if I go into the rest of the characters, I would be giving some secrets away. Her father kept her hidden in the house on a plot of land very far away from town.

Normally, a whole new world would be something to be excited about. The only thing I will say that was confusing to me, and I have noticed that other reviewers felt the same way, is that the story between Luke and Vee felt like it was written in the past. So, if you are looking for a book that can make you feel like you have been put through the wringer, this is the book for you.

It will break your heart but mend it back together again and again. Oct 23, Arlena rated it it was amazing Shelves: young-adult , excellent-book , 5-stars , ebooks , my-reviews , fiction-reviews. There are just three words that describe this wonderful read and that would beabsolutely beautiful written Why would any father do this to his child?

What is this curse and just where did it come from? You will find that this story will go back and forth from present day to past events This author really worked her magic in her descriptions in this read and the title Sophie's journey which was very heart-breaking story that started at the beginning on this emotional roller coaster ride and discovering everything about her life Danny, Damien You will find that in this novel With Sophie being kidnapped as a baby There will be a lots of lies and secrets All of these questions that need to be answered will only be if you pick up this good read and find out what, why, and how.

After you finish with this read of "The Color of Snow" you will get the jolt of raw emotions that will leave you saying wow and the big question answered to Will Sophie be able in the end with she find the strength to lead a rich and full life? I enjoyed this read and I would recommend "The Color of Snow"d to you as a excellent read.

Aug 10, Lizzy Lessard rated it really liked it Shelves: reviewed , ya. I adore dark fiction. The Color of Snow is about Sofie, who believes that she is cursed. Those who love her die. This is a non-linear book. Both Sophie and Luke are easy to sympathize with, and although Luke kidnapped his daughter at birth, as the story progresses nothi I adore dark fiction. Both Sophie and Luke are easy to sympathize with, and although Luke kidnapped his daughter at birth, as the story progresses nothing is black and white.

It felt like I was playing Russian roulette with each chapter, wondering if Sophie and the other characters would survive to the next chapter, particularly towards the end. Call me morbid, but I like the possibly of the star of the book dying. Extra props for possibility of murder or suicide. Although I loved the ending, there are quite a few unanswered questions.

Without revealing any spoilers: I know what happens to Sofie and Stephanie, but all the other characters seem to be in limbo in the final chapter. In fact, romance really takes a back-seat in this novel. If you like your romances, you may be disappointed in that department. Also, the grandparents were really fleshed out, as Luke and Sophie had very different perspectives on them. I also likes Stephanie — she was a great friend to Sophie and her past was nearly as messed up. My jaw dropped when I figured out what had happened to her. Bad things happen to everyone. You can either give up or keep going.

Overall, I really liked this book. But as a stand-alone, I wish some of the minor plot lines were tied up before the story concluded. Aug 27, Ruth Hill rated it it was amazing Shelves: e-books. This is one of the most amazing young adult books I have read in a while. The story was expertly crafted, and the message came across in a very real way. I was drawn in from the first page through the very last sentence.

I connected with this book in a real way since I was married to a possibly schizophrenic man at one time in my life. He also came from a family where mental illness was a problem. Unfortunately, he did not control it through medication like he should have, and my marriage had to This is one of the most amazing young adult books I have read in a while.

Unfortunately, he did not control it through medication like he should have, and my marriage had to be dissolved to protect my daughter and me from living a controlled possibly violent life. The end of the book, when Sophie began to face the truth about her past, resonated with me, and I understood, to a degree, what she was feeling.

Even using the Bible and God to justify her father's treatment of her was something that sounded familiar. The way in which Brenda Stanley wrote the book was truly amazing. The beginning of the book reminded the reader of similar stories in the news, and I felt that I had to keep reading so I could put all the pieces together. The author jumped back and forth between various years in the character's lives, and so the reader is often left hanging and wondering why something happened or what was going on. But in the end, all the questions were answered--I was certainly glad of that!

I appreciated the fact that there were no bedroom scenes, and the profanity was extremely minimal. Real issues such as racial prejudice, religious intolerance, pedophilia, and murder were dealt with on a real level. Even the discussion of whether "curses" were real or not was explored. And the message of not having to follow established family patterns and breaking cycles was dealt with in an understandable fashion. I can't recommend this book enough to everyone. I have never read anything by Brenda Stanley, but she has quickly become one of my favorite young adult books. The book was a very readable book, and its message will resonate with a good share of readers.

I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. I was not financially compensated, and all opinions are percent mine. Aug 16, Andrea rated it really liked it. I received a complimentary ebook in exchange for my honest review. She suffers from what is called "Stockholm Syndrome. She doesn't know any better, though, and is quick to defend him. At the same time, she is torn because she senses something isn't right. She deserves love but is brainwashed to think otherwise. She doesn't understand that people can love her.

She doesn't understand what a normal teen's life is like. She has no idea what beauty is. I think one of the most heartwrenching parts is when her cousin finds a self-portrait that Sophie drew. It is all distorted, because the only reflection of herself she has ever seen is the one in the toaster. You just want to reach in and beat the man she calls "Papa. It's heartbreaking. Living with her grandparents, it is like the cycle begins all over again, only by different means and from multiple directions.

Thank God for her cousin Stephanie, who is the source of truth and light in her life now. Three stories are being told at the same time. One is present-day, told by Sophie in the first person, as she gets used to her new life with her family and away from Papa. A second one is set a few years before, also told by Sophie, about her growing relationship with Damien.

The third is told in third-person about a man named Luke and the love of his life, Vee. Their story is also a tragic one. At first, when the story shifts to this first flashback about Luke, you're thrown off for a bit. As the book progresses, you begin to see how the stories eventually merge together. What is frightening about this story is how plausible it could be.

Think of the high profile kidnapping cases we have seen over the last several years. It doesn't even have to be a kidnapping case for some girls to be abused in this way. It's really sad, and unfortunately, that is what makes it so intriguing to read. I felt protective of Sophie, just like I would for any of my own "kids. Aug 20, Cocktails and Books rated it really liked it. The Color of Snow is a story that will stay with you well after you finish reading the last page. Sophie lived with her father in a remote cabin in Arbon Valley.

She almost never left the property, had no friends and relied on her father for everything. She believed him when he told her they lived like they did because he was protecting them. At the age of seventeen, her entire world crumbles when her father is arrested for shooting the boy who was trying to save her. Forced to live with a famil The Color of Snow is a story that will stay with you well after you finish reading the last page.

Forced to live with a family she knew nothing about, she must learn a whole new way of life while trying to understand what this means for everything she knew before. The story flips between Luke's Sophie's father version of events up until right after her birth, a young Sophie's version of events and Sophie at present day. As we flip from the different points of view, we get an understanding of what drove a young man to do what he did as well as how that decision not only affected himself, but Sophie's life and those of both of their extended family.

Sophie is in a spot that no one would want to be in. On the cusp of being an adult, you suddenly find out that everything you believed in was wrong. She handled these turn of events with a strength that is awe inspiring. She tried to fit into her new life, but she didn't take everything everyone said at face value and instead asked questions to gain understanding.

She wanted to know what had led to her father taking her and why he felt it necessary to keep her isolated. What was even more heartbreaking, to me, is when she discovered that everything with the way she lived seventeen years was due to mental illness.

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While that discovery destroyed whatever foundation she had left of her old life, it also opened her up to rebuilding a new life, with the man she loves, without worrying about curses. This was a tough read, but the characters were wonderfully thought out and written, with a storyline that kept you wondering exactly what happened all those years ago. Aug 09, Jamie rated it really liked it. All her life, Sofie has thought she was living under a curse. Quantity: Decrease Quantity: Increase Quantity:. Rating Required Select Rating 1 star worst 2 stars 3 stars average 4 stars 5 stars best.

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    The Color of Snow: Snow Flurry - Book 2 The Color of Snow: Snow Flurry - Book 2
    The Color of Snow: Snow Flurry - Book 2 The Color of Snow: Snow Flurry - Book 2
    The Color of Snow: Snow Flurry - Book 2 The Color of Snow: Snow Flurry - Book 2
    The Color of Snow: Snow Flurry - Book 2 The Color of Snow: Snow Flurry - Book 2
    The Color of Snow: Snow Flurry - Book 2 The Color of Snow: Snow Flurry - Book 2
    The Color of Snow: Snow Flurry - Book 2 The Color of Snow: Snow Flurry - Book 2
    The Color of Snow: Snow Flurry - Book 2 The Color of Snow: Snow Flurry - Book 2
    The Color of Snow: Snow Flurry - Book 2 The Color of Snow: Snow Flurry - Book 2

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